Yoga And Surf Camps

Choose between full or half day Surf & Yoga Camps. We offer both private group, and pre-scheduled group weekend camps. Fun for all Ages!

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Day Yoga & Surf Camp (4 or more people)

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Full Day Surf Camps:  9am – 3pm

  Full Day Surf camps include the following:  Expert Surfing Instruction, Yoga, Photography, a Healthy Meal, Sunblock, and Water Safety.

Half Day Surf Camps: 9am-12pm

* Now offering 1/2 day yoga and surf camps for as low as $55 per person.

    Half day camps include the following: surf instruction, warmup yoga, surfboards, and water safety.

                (The 1/2 day camp doesn’t include lunch).


We also have a pre-scheduled group camp which we do once a month on the weekend.

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  Learn how to paddle, catch waves, and also advanced surfing techniques

  Learn about surf etiquette, marine life, and ocean safety

  Do morning yoga and warmup stretches

  Get FREE lunch and photography!



Our day yoga & surf camp is designed for beginners.  Learn to paddle, stand up, drop into and ride across the waves. Learn all about how to read the waves as well as surfing etiquette.


The Food:

A healthy lunch is provided with your choice of 1/2 a Publix deli sandwich, fruit bowl or chips, and a drink. If you prefer, a Dominos large pizza with your choice of any toppings and a drink can be ordered instead.


The Equipment:

Camps include surfboard, rashguards, leashes, shade tent, sunblock, water, and photography.  Soft-top beginner surfboards are used for safety and all equipment is current technology and in excellent condition. A full range of sizes are available.

 An e-book version of our learn to surf guide entitled,  “What’s in the Water?”  is also provided!


Full day camp: $105 per person

Half day camp: $65 per person or $55 per person (with 5 or more people)

NOTE:  Yoga Surf Camps need to be pre-booked at least 2 days in advance.

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