Surfing Terms Glossary by The Yoga Surf School

If you are new to surfing, a lot of the words which surfers say may not make any sense. To help our new surfers out we have made a list of the most common surfing terms. So next time you are out the water and you hear someone yell, outside! you will know what that means!

A-frame- A wave that peels perfectly in both directions

Barrel- The tubular part of the wave. Also known as the tube.

Beachbreak- A wave that breaks over sand 

Choppy- When the wind is blowing hard onshore.

Closeout- When the whole wave breaks at once.

Cutback- A change in direction when surfing


Floater- Surfing manuever used to get across sections on a wave. It looks like they are floating on top of the wave

Glassy- Term used  to describe the surf. Typically when there is no or light winds

Inside- Where the waves are breaking closer in towards the beach. Sometimes referred to as the kiddie pool.

Offshore: When the wind is blowing away from shore 

Onshore: When  the wind is blowing towards the beach

Outside- Farther out towards the ocean. Typically yelled when a big wave thats going to break farther out is coming

Over the falls- When you get sucked up by the wave and thrown back down over the top. (don’t worry it doesn’t happen here often)

Peak- The steepest and tallest part of the wave

Pocket- The steep part of the wave closest to the peak 

Pointbreak- A wave that typically breaks off a rock or jetty and goes the same direction every time

Reefbreak- A  wave that breaks over reef

Snake: Someone who drops in on another surfer or steals other peoples waves

Shoulder- The softer, smaller part towards the end of the wave

Section: A part on the wave

Turtle Roll-

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A Few of the Topics Covered include:

  • Surf Etiquette
  • Ocean Water Safety and Marine Life Awareness
  • The popup and other fundamental surfing techniques

     We also provide surf and yoga instruction, paddleboard yoga, meditation, and beach yoga classes. We offer private yoga classes, group surf & yoga camps, and also private surf & yoga camps for children and adults year round. Do yoga and learn how to surf for a fantastic workout and also an experience of a lifetime!

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 Paddleboard, Surf and Yoga, Beach Yoga Classes!

A few of the topics covered include:

  • Paddle Yoga, Surf Yoga Classes
  • Paddling/ Paddleboard fundamentals
  • A mixture of different Yoga styles including a vinyasa flow
  • Warm-up and cool-down
  • Breathing exercises and meditation

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  • Summer Surf Camps
  • Group Surf and Yoga Camps
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  • Custom Surf, Yoga, and Paddleboard classes

When you learn with us, you will learn everything you need to know from beginner basics to intermediate and expert surfing techniques. With surf lessons in Cocoa Beach, you will learn about ocean safety, surfing etiquette, and other fundamentals of surfing such as how to catch waves, pop up, and surf them all the way in. With yoga and paddleboard classes you will learn a range of different yoga styles while getting to enjoy and experience the calming and relaxing effect of the ocean. Our classes offer you the best surf instruction and yoga classes taught at affordable prices by CPR certified and experienced teachers.


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