Surf School Classes in Cocoa Beach, FL

The Yoga Surf School offers private and group surfing, yoga, and paddleboarding lessons and camps in Cocoa Beach and Cape Canaveral. Our surf school offers classes and camps at  the Best Western, LaQuinta, Four Points Sheraton, Royale Towers, Xanadu Condos, Ron Jon Resort, Discovery Beach Resort, and many more. We also do lessons at Lori Wilson, Shepard Park, and Cherie Down Park. We come to you!

Welcome to the Yoga Surf School in Cocoa Beach, FL!

Who we are:

We are a small, owner operated surf and yoga school specializing in teaching Private and Group Surf Camps and Beach Yoga Classes in Cocoa Beach, FL. Book with us and get top quality instruction from experienced surf and yoga professionals. We offer private lessons and classes year round, with the same instructors each time so that you can build on your surfing and yoga skills.

If you’re coming off of a cruise ship or have a large group, book with us and save 20%!

Our Service:

We provide one on one private surf instruction, group surf lessons, and beach yoga classes. If you’d like to do both you can also sign up for our custom surf and yoga camp. One day summer Surf Camps for Kids are also available upon request.

We come to you when you book a surf or yoga lesson and are very accommodating for both small and large groups. Custom camps are available upon request.

High quality, safe, fun, and affordable instruction at your hotel guaranteed!

If you’re looking for a great way to learn how to surf or take yoga classes in Cocoa Beach or Cape Canaveral, you have come to the right place!

At the Yoga Surf School, we offer a variety of these classes.

We offer group and private surf lessons in Cocoa Beach for all skill levels and ages!

A Few of the Topics Covered include:

  • Surf Etiquette
  • Ocean Water Safety and Marine Life Awareness
  • The popup and other fundamental surfing techniques

     We also provide surf and yoga instruction, paddleboard yoga, meditation, and beach yoga classes. We offer private yoga classes, group surf & yoga camps, and also private surf & yoga camps for children and adults year round. Do yoga and learn how to surf for a fantastic workout and also an experience of a lifetime!

 Certified, safe, and affordable classes in Cape Canaveral and Cocoa beach!

 Paddleboard, Surf and Yoga, Beach Yoga Classes!

A few of the topics covered include:

  • Paddle Yoga, Surf Yoga Classes
  • Paddling/ Paddleboard fundamentals
  • A mixture of different Yoga styles including a vinyasa flow
  • Warm-up and cool-down
  • Breathing exercises and meditation

        Since we are a yoga school as well, we try to promote healthy living and lifestyles by incorporating yoga into our paddleboard surf camps and classes. We do this by starting off each paddleboard and yoga session with healthy yoga stretches used by professional surfers and yoga instructors. As well as group paddleboard, surf and yoga classes, we also provide custom and private surf and yoga or paddleboard yoga camps for any occasion. Since we specialize in teaching private and group classes, our surf lessons, yoga, and paddleboard classes are fun for all skill levels and ages.

Expert knowledge and top quality instruction provided by experienced and passionate surfing and yoga professionals!

Group Surf Lessons in Cocoa Beach, Surf Camps, and Custom Classes!

  • Summer Surf Camps
  • Group Surf and Yoga Camps
  • Private Camps for special occasions
  • Custom Surf, Yoga, and Paddleboard classes

When you learn with us, you will learn everything you need to know from beginner basics to intermediate and expert surfing techniques. With surf lessons in Cocoa Beach, you will learn about ocean safety, surfing etiquette, and other fundamentals of surfing such as how to catch waves, pop up, and surf them all the way in. With yoga and paddleboard classes you will learn a range of different yoga styles while getting to enjoy and experience the calming and relaxing effect of the ocean. Our classes offer you the best surf instruction and yoga classes taught at affordable prices by CPR certified and experienced teachers.


Call today to learn how to surf in Cocoa Beach or book a custom yoga or paddleboard class! We come to you!

Phone:  (407) 790-1944

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